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Trust an Experienced Marriage Counselor on How to Revive Your Relationship

Trust an Experienced Marriage Counselor on How to Revive Your Relationship

Marriage CounselorIf you have not felt stability and love in your marriage recently, you may use the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day celebration as the perfect occasion to surprise your partner with something nice. Although booking a consultation with a marriage counselor seems like a good idea to you, you may like to try something more romantic and leave professional couples therapy for some other time. Here are some creative ideas which you may find inspirational:

  1. Pretend that it is your first date again. Playing such a role game may not seem like a fun idea initially, but you will soon find out that “getting to know your partner” again can be fun. Of course, talking is not enough, you should do something wild to impress the person you are dating.

  2. Think of several surprises for your partner. Start from the morning. Leave a nice love letter in your partner’s shoes or put a picture of your wedding day in the pocket of his/her coat. At noon, make a “secret” phone call expressing your love feelings. Then in the afternoon, you can send some flowers or a nice book to the office of your partner. There are so many things that you can come up with. You only have to invest some time to plan the whole thing.

  3. Organize a more creative dinner not just a night out at a restaurant. Booking a romantic table in a fine fine dining restaurant in San Francisco, CA, and drinking wine over candlelight is not something that will help you recover your relationship. Instead of doing the classic valentine activities, think of something unique that your partner will love. If he/she likes cooking, then stay at home and prepare the meal together. Add a special program with fun contests to your romantic dinner for two, and, of course, a prize. For example, you can make him/her fill in the missing letters in a crossword to receive the name of the place where the price is, or think of series of “challenges” that your partner needs to pass in order to be rewarded. Playing is always a good relationship revival approach.

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