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The Long Way to Become a Happy Couple

Is a Couples Therapist the Key to Keeping Your Relationship Healthy?

If you want to learn the secrets of becoming a happy couple, you need to know what being a happy couple actually entails. Today, our couples therapist will help you find out. Here is what couples with a healthy relationship do differently than the others.

  1. couples counselorThey keep surprising themselves every day. This is what protects them from boredom. Once boredom “settles” into your relationship, it will be very difficult for you to bring back the spontaneous period back.

  2. They get physical all the time and that does not just involve having regular sex. Your hormones can connect with the hormones of your partner even if you just spend more time kissing and hugging each other on a daily basis.

  3. They communicate both verbally and through their senses. Feelings, sounds, and pictures can also be used for communication. Dressing up nice when you go out, small unexpected gifts, and other gestures are a non-verbal communication which indicates love.

  4. They are willing to hold themselves self-accountable first when a problem occurs. If each of the partners takes some of the responsibility for a certain issue, the communication will be a lot better than simply blaming the other one.

  5. Happy couples think of themselves as friends rather than family. This is a good approach because it is in the human nature to enjoy friends more than family. It is very unlikely that good friends treat each other with disrespect.

If you have problems keeping your relationship healthy, consult the couples therapist of Linda Michels, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Couples Counseling. In order to book an appointment, you can call our office in San Francisco, CA at (415) 567-5095!

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